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So what do we do?

Economic regeneration is not always easy concepts to unpack - put simply, cities, towns and local communities flourish when 3 components are in place

At City Sense we believe that to invest in cities you need to invest in the businesses, communities and people who are at their heart. All the projects we take on will in some way aim to address one or perhaps all three of these aims. Some may focus at a neighbourhood or local level, others may be city wide, regional or international in their focus. They will all have people and communities as their essence and a desire to work together to make a difference.

City Sense provides services and expertise in a variety of ways; depending on your requirements, demands and timescales. You may need one specific piece of work to be completed in a short timeframe; alternativly it might suit you better for us to develop a longer association to complete a more detailed piece of project management and see it through from start to finish. Both are possible.

The following might give you an indication of what we can do for you:

Some of our latest projects are featured on our PROJECTS page.

Please feel free to contact us with informal proposals.

We are always happy to consider new opportunities and can usually provide an initial view on an approach and way forward. If we can't help you, we may know someone else who can and we will happily recommend them to you.

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